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What is a business reform?

A business reform is essentially a change that improves processes, systems or regulations for businesses. These reforms are making it easier to do business, particularly through changes to laws and policies and the introduction of digital systems such as online platforms. 

How will these reforms impact my business?

Current and potential business owners, operators and investors, whether local or overseas, will benefit greatly from saving time and money by using online platforms that are accessible from anywhere, at any time and allow payment online. This increased convenience and speed will help to improve productivity and allow businesspeople to focus more on the most important matters. The systems also introduce transparency and provide real-time tracking of submissions in some cases. This is a game-changer for businesses.

How can I take advantage of these reforms?

Existing and potential businesspersons and investors can take advantage of the reforms by first becoming acquainted with the new systems and processes, for which this site has much information. They may then utilise the new systems and processes by accessing the relevant websites and following the specific instructions.